Sunday, January 27, 2013

New York Times Book Review

Hey guys! Recently I completed a set of illustrations for an essay in The New York Times Book Review, which is out now in today's New York Times! The essay, by Karen E. Bender, recounts the event that inspired her to become a writer: getting hit in the head by a rock during a birthday party when she was six years old. Later in the essay, she uses rocks as a metaphor for anything in our lives that forces us to consider and process our experiences to try to make sense of them.
My AD Rex Bonomelli wanted a playful way to connect three spots, so his idea was to have a rock bouncing from one to the next. Here are my initial sketches:

Idea #1 was chosen, with a few slight adjustments made to better fit their layout. Here are the final ink drawings:

Here are the final spots, colored in Photoshop:

And here is the final layout:

Thanks to AD Rex Bonomelli and the New York Times for the opportunity! I had a lot of fun on this project!


Brandon Loving said...

Looks great man! I'm really liking the digital stuff!

Jules said...

Thanks Brandon!

Nanoliza said...

Ah! I love it! And I'm very happy they chose the first idea :) And it makes me want to read the article as well)

Jules said...

Thank you!

Avo said...

Thank you so much for showing the process from ideas to finish, it puts a perspective on things that you don't always think about as an illustrator. It's beautiful to see something go from an idea to an actual thing that's published.

Published work and mock-ups makes you think of the possibilities that your art holds.

This is great, I love the idea and how it came out.

Thank you again.

Jules said...

Thanks, Avo! And no problem. I'll try to post more process stuff in the future!