Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hey guys! Some new prints have just been added to my inPRNT store! Prints make great gifts for the holidays, you know. I mean...I'm just sayin'. *cough cough*
Check out the new additions below, and check out my store on inPRNT, which includes some older (but still good!) prints:



MJC *-* said...

Love the work!
I have a big cartel shop but I can onluy put 5 pictures online.
How does Inprint they also make the giclee prints? And is it send to the artist, or directly to the client? What's your experience with it?

Shin said...

your artwork is absolutely beautiful.

MCastillo said...

Dude Your work is truly inspiring. Really nice work.

Jules said...

Thanks guys!
@MJC: inPRNT ships directly to buyers. You just set up an account and gallery, and then people can shop your store. Here's more info if you want!