Monday, October 22, 2012


Hey guys! October 26th and 27th are the opening nights of the "Bad Dads" show, Spoke Art's annual tribute to the films of Wes Anderson [Here is my contribution to last year's show]. This year I decided to make a sculpture of Sam from "Moonrise Kingdom":
Mixed media sculpture
Approx. 13" tall

Here are a few different angles and some detail shots:

This sculpture took forever to complete and kind of drove me crazy, but in the end I'm really happy with how it came out. It's definitely one of the cutest things I've ever made, I think. If you're in San Francisco on the 26th or 27th, be sure to check out the opening (either one of those nights...or both!). It's a Halloween party too, so take the opportunity to dress as your favorite Wes Anderson character and look at all the cool art. Here's the flyer:

**And if you're in Los Angeles, don't forget that October 26th is also the opening of "The Old School Video Game Art Show" at Gallery 1988 (Venice!!), where I'll be showing my pieces "Mushroom Kingdom Syndrome" and "Wild MOLTRES appeared!" Check out my previous post about that show.



BETOWERS said...

You are a magician!!!

Wishcandy said...


J. A. W. Cooper said...

Soooo amazing as always. I am in love with that raccoon hat!!!

Jules said...

Thanks guys!!

ChloƩ Nicolay said...

it looks SO GOOD O___O very "professional" if you know what I mean ! great job !

Bouman said...

what material do you use for made this?

Jules said...

Super Sculpey!

Bouman said...

Thanks Jules, I worked with NSP plasticine but is heavy to work, I try with sculpey :)

Congrats, excelent work.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Great work in general!