Saturday, April 7, 2012

Suspense & Gallows Humor & other stuff

Good eeevening...
On Friday the 13th, Gallery 1988 Venice is hosting an Alfred Hitchcock tribute show called "Suspense & Gallows Humor." I became a big fan of Hitchcock when I took a college course on his films and discovered just how meticulous and detail-oriented he was as a filmmaker, so I was really excited to be invited to this show. I decided to pay tribute to probably his most well-known film, "Psycho," and its creepy and subtext-filled parlor room scene:

"You eat like a bird."
Ink on paper mounted on wood panel
20" x 16"

Here's the sketch, just because:

I tried to recreate the parlor as accurately as possible (I watched the scene countless times and tried to get all the little details right, down to the paintings on the walls, with a few tweaks like having all the stuffed birds staring at Marion). The illustration isn't actually based on any one screencap; I just tried to get the mood of the scene down, playing with the light/dark contrast between Marion and Norman.
Anyway, the opening is from 7pm-10pm next Friday, so if you're in the area check out the piece in person along with the other tributes!

**Another show coming up this month is Pokémon Battle Royale at Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis. I'm SUPER excited to be part of this show. I've already seen a handful of the pieces and I've been blown away by each one. You can check out my Moltres piece in this previous post. There will be 10 signed 8" x 8" prints (7" x 7" printed area with a half inch border) of my piece available for $40 each at the show (in fact, all the pieces in the show are $40 prints!!), so if you live in or plan to be in Minneapolis when the show opens on April 20th, check out the show and catch as many Pokémon prints as you can! I really wish I could be there to snatch some up myself!
In the meantime, check out this sweet poster for the show:

**This came out a couple weeks back and I just forgot to mention it here, but my spirit animal sculptures are featured in NICE Magazine's 7th issue, the "Handmade" issue, which you can download or view online! It's a really beautiful issue so take a gander at it. Thanks to Catherine Green of NICE for the feature!

**Here's a thing I drew! It's a self-portrait + a self-portrait as a cheeseburger:

**Finally, I found out the other day that my "Fallout" piece from "The End" has been selected for inclusion in the American Illustration 31 book coming out later this year! Yay!!


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Jules said...

Thank you!

Jessica Beebe said...

I adore both Alfred Hitchcock and the movie Psycho and I agree, that parlor scene was one of the most tense in the entire movie. So creepy and laden with symbolism. I think you totally conveyed that in this piece. In fact, I scrolled down to it in my feed and knew immediately it was that scene from Psycho. Wish I could make the show. Great work.

Jules said...

Thanks so much!