Friday, April 20, 2012

St. Vincent

The other day I did this little drawing of Annie Clark, AKA St. Vincent. I've been listening to her music non-stop over the past couple months. She's definitely become one of my favorite musicians and a huge artistic inspiration (I finished a painting last week, the theme of which was loosely inspired by a St. Vincent song. I'll post that soon.).

"St. Vincent"
Ink on paper mounted on wood panel
5" x 7"

I actually saw her play live last night with my friend Sinae and I was absolutely blown away. She's an incredible performer, and a badass on the guitar. Definitely check her out live if you can!
Also, I'm a big nerd, so I brought the drawing with me to the show and Sinae got the merch girls to agree to give it to Annie, so hopefully it gets to her and she likes it!


Ericka said...

Really beautiful.

Chelsey Barnes said...

This is really gorgeous...also love love love St. Vincent :)

Jules said...

Thanks guys!

sparkdoodle said...

i love it!! so badass!!!

Jules said...

Yayyy, thanks!

ChloƩ Nicolay said...

best St Vincent fanart I ever saw so far !! great job ! I love Annie Clark so much .__.

I did a fanart too, some time ago :

do you like it ? :)

Jules said...

Thanks! And yes, that's a great piece! Your style is fantastic.