Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"The End" is near

That's right, folks. Mark your calendars for my upcoming show "The End," opening September 9th at WWA Gallery in Culver City. You can see one of my pieces, "Fallout," in the banner above. Here's my artist's statement, in which I throw around a bunch of fancy words to sound artsy or whatever:

"'The End' is about love and heartbreak, destruction and regrowth. It showcases the melodrama of a crumbling relationship over the backdrop of the apocalypse. The focus is on desolation at a smaller, more intimate scale rather than at the world-wide level, but the dissolution of a personal connection and the end of the world play out as parallel events, accompanied by the heightened emotions and uncertainty that they both elicit."

In short, it's about heartbreak and the apocalypse (that's what you can tell your mom and all your friends when you invite them to the show. You're bringing all of them, right? Cool).

I will be sharing the gallery with the lovely and talented Jeni Yang and her show, "Infusion."
Hope to see all you wonderful people at the opening! GET EXCITED!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

LUCX Interview

Here's an interview I did for The Blank Company's LUCX Project, a "Conversation with Everyone":

Click me!

Thanks to Otis at The Blank Company!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Crazy4Cult 5

Friday was the opening of Crazy4Cult 5 at Gallery1988 Melrose and man was it fantastic! So much awesome work this year...I was really blown away by all the talent on display.
Here's my contribution, inspired by "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World":

"Ace of Bass"
mixed media sculpture
about 9" x 12"

[Update: I was asked what mixed media I used, so I thought I'd elaborate!
Scott is made of Sculpey, with an inner structure of armature wire and aluminum foil.
The bass' inner structure is a metal button and a couple of wood skewers (just for the basic shape), and it is made of Sculpey as well (there was A LOT of sanding, re-baking, and more sanding involved. Did I mention sanding?). The metal bits are just pieces of armature wire, metal brads, and metal wire. Everything is painted with a mix of acrylic, acrylic inks, and acryla-gouache. I sprayed Scott with a matte finish spray, and the bass with crystal clear glossy varnish. Whew!]

Here are some pictures of the piece in various stages of development and at different angles:

Many thanks to Edgar Wright, the phenomenal director of Scott Pilgrim (and other personal favorites "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz") for purchasing my sculpture! I could not be happier!

Crazy4Cult 5 will be up through July, so definitely check it out in person if you're in LA!
Also, The Crazy4Cult Cult Movie Art book was just released, featuring artwork from the first four Crazy4Cult shows. It's an incredible collection. There will be a book-signing event July 10th (today!) at noon at Gallery1988, so grab a book and meet many of the contributing artists!


Update: Here are some lovely pictures of the sculpture at the gallery space, courtesy of my friend Alessandro Echevarria.