Saturday, December 10, 2011

Taetrum et Dulce

Hey all! Here are my pieces for the "Taetrum et Dulce" show at MondoPOP Gallery in Rome, which opens tonight:

"Fata Morgana"
Ink, acrylic, and gouache on paper mounted on cradled wood panel
8" x 8" x 2"

Ink, acrylic, and gouache on paper mounted on cradled wood panel
8" x 8" x 2"

[The lockets and chains are painted with iridescent gold ink.]

A little bit about the inspiration behind the title choices/narrative: A fata morgana is a type of mirage that was common for sailors to see, and also explains the "ghost ship" phenomenon; under certain atmospheric conditions, ships in the distance looked like they were floating or inverted, stacked on top of one another, and alternately stretched and compressed. The second piece was inspired by the kind of myths associated with the kingfisher, such as the idea of the "halcyon days" and the ancient belief that a dried kingfisher could be used as a talisman to protect against storms, and that it would always point in the direction of the wind. The two figures are separated lovers desperately hoping to be reunited; the man a sailor lost at sea searching for his way home, and the woman his wife waiting for his return (or she might just be a mirage...).

And here are the sketches, because I happened to have scanned them:

Thanks to Dan Barry and MondoPOP for inviting me to participate!

If you are interested in purchasing works from the show or have any questions about the show, please send an email to: info (at) mondopop (dot) it


jazzlamb said...

They look gorgeous! Loving the sketches and the details. Beautifully put together :)

Jules said...

Thanks as always for all the kind words! Glad you like.

lostsailors said...

Rome! So cool.

I love these, particularly Fata Morgana. It's funny because I always am attracted to the imagery of your pieces, but then you tell the story and I love them even more! Great work.

Jules said...

Thanks! I'm always debating in my head whether or not I'm over-explaining certain pieces because I know some people like to come up with their own interpretations of art work, but I thought people would find the background info on these two pretty interesting.

WITH A P! said...

Julian! You are an inspiration! Your work never seems to let me down.

Jules said...

Thanks Mike, that means a lot! Hope you're doing well!