Thursday, October 13, 2011


Heyyy, I did the cover illustration for this week's LA Weekly! Grab yourself a copy, LA people!
The article it's based on is about preferential treatment and the rigging of the admissions process of some charter schools in LA. Here's the illustration:

And here it is in print (sorry for the poor quality of these photos):

You might notice that on the actual cover, the wall was changed to a different color at the last minute to pump up the contrast between the foreground characters and the crowd in the back. It kind of affected the line quality in some areas, but I hope it's not too noticeable.

Aaand the following are the sketches I did. Darrick Rainey, the art director, gave me a brief synopsis of the article and already knew what he wanted for the illustration: A couple VIP children being led into the school by a bouncer while some parents and other potential students wait in line. Because I was given all of the elements to work with, I mostly just had to play around with composition (in a couple of the sketches I added a school bus, though. I thought it would be a funny substitute for a limo or something a real VIP would arrive in). So after coming up with various sketches, the first sketch I did was chosen.

This was a pretty fun illustration to do. I hadn't drawn kids in a while, and it was fun making the two in the front look really pretentious and haughty, but in a kids way. Especially that little girl with the attitude and the candy jewelry and the stuffed animal puppy in her purse.
As always, thanks to Darrick Rainey for the art direction and the opportunity for the cover. Yay!

OH, by the way, some of my pieces from "The End" were on the Juxtapoz website today! Double yay!


sparkdoodle said...

damn. so goooood!!! cutest paintings of kids ever!!! congratulations on the cover and the juxtapoze site!

Jules said...

Yay, thanks Sinae!

jazzlamb said...

The recent work looks absolutely gorgeous! And that's the first time I saw what you look like :) Great stuff :D Kudos!

Jules said...

Thank you!

justinmiyamoto said...

you are such an amazing artist! thanks for sharing a bit of your process too! so cool!

Jules said...

Thanks, Justin!