Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bad Dads

This weekend is the opening of Spoke Art gallery's "Bad Dads," a tribute to the films of Wes Anderson. The show has two openings, both Saturday and Sunday night, so you can go to that Halloween party one night and see some fantastic artwork the other night! Click here to visit the facebook event page and RSVP.

My contribution is a tribute to "The Royal Tenenbaums":

"The Royal Tenenbaums"
Acrylic, gouache, and iridescent paint on paper mounted on wood panels with a 1.5" cradle.

They're actually five separate pieces. The background of each portrait is a wall from each of the characters' rooms:

8" x 10"

8" x 8"

6" x 6"

6" x 6"

6" x 6"

Here are a few photos to give you a better sense of the dimensionality:

The "frames" are painted with iridescent paint and the sides of each of the panels are painted in that iconic pink color of the walls of the Tenenbaum house. I really hope you can view the pieces in person so you can see the shiny frames and all the textures.

This was one of my favorite things to work on this year. It was really fun to try to get the characters' personalities through in my drawings, and I liked working with all the great colors from the movie.
I've seen some of the other work in the show and it's incredible. Definitely check it out in person if you're in San Francisco!


Chris Cormier said...

Amazing! I love these. Great job, Julian!

Caitlin Shearer said...

These make me so happy - brilliant job!

Jules said...

Thanks guys!

Qin Leng said...

hah! this is super fun!

Jules said...


Unknown said...

These are wonderful! Your Richie portrait is my fave...

Jules said...

Thank you!