Monday, September 12, 2011

This Is "The End"

A tremendous thank you to everyone who made it to the opening of "The End" on Friday! I had a fantastic time showing with Jeni Yang and I was incredibly grateful to be surrounded by old friends, family, and some new friends! I couldn't have asked for more.

Once again, here is my artist statement for the show:
"The End" is about love and heartbreak, destruction and regrowth. It showcases the melodrama of a crumbling relationship over the backdrop of the apocalypse. The focus is on desolation at a smaller, more intimate scale rather than at the world-wide level, but the dissolution of a personal connection and the end of the world play out as parallel events, accompanied by the heightened emotions and uncertainty that they both elicit.
So...heartbreak and the apocalypse. Here are the pieces!

The first few pieces in the show are the "Harbingers," various flying animals falling from the sky (except for the locust). They each have their own symbolic significance, but generally I wanted to imply impending doom and the idea that "the sky is falling."

The two swallows are mixed media sculptures (they are meant to hang from the ceiling...I'll post pictures of them from the gallery soon), while the four other harbingers (from top to bottom: locust, bat, kingfisher, bee) are on 5" x 5" scratchboards.

The following are done in pen, ink, and acrylic on paper mounted on 10" x 10" wood panels. They serve as a sort of accompaniment to the main narrative since they deal with the same pattern of destruction, recovery, and the eventual flourishing of life:





The next five paintings are all done in acrylic and gouache on paper mounted on 18" x 24" wood panel. This set serves as the main narrative, and is really where the heartbreak comes in:




"The End"

If you are interested in buying something from the show, please visit this link to see all the available pieces: WWA Gallery
I will make another post later on with some pictures from opening night. By the way, the show is up until October 8th, so check it out in person if you can!
Thanks to the always awesome crew at WWA Gallery for having me and Jeni in the gallery. And a very special thank you to all my friends and family who provided me with so much support throughout the entire process of making the show, and who showed me incredible generosity during and after the opening!


lostsailors said...

All so beautiful! I love Sunder so much, but Fallout is haunting. Amazing work!

Connie said...

These are amazing! You are so talented. I wish I could check them out in person!

Chris Cormier said...

Incredible! Beautiful, beautiful work.

Draw, Loving. DRAW! said...

These look AMAZING! Would have been incredible to see these in person. Carrion, Fallout and The End are tied for my favorites. Keep it up dude!

Evan said...

Wow, these are great! Those last five are inspiring.

Jules said...

Thanks so much for all the kind words, everyone!

Sprocket said...

Oh just ludicrously good. The sprouting reminds me of Grim Fandango cross-fertilized with the cordyceps ant-brain-boring fungi!

Jules said...

Thanks! Cordyceps definitely inspired some of my work. So creepy and unreal.

Alejandro González Sánchez said...

Bravo!! It's so amazing! Good Work!

Jules said...

Thanks, Alejandro!

KUB said...

Pffffff ! I'm going to bed !