Thursday, September 22, 2011


Hi guys!

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by WWA Gallery for "The End." There are still pieces available from the show, so if you're interested in purchasing anything, click here. The show will be up through Oct. 8th, so check it out in person if you can!

I'm a little late in posting some pictures, but better late than never:
Here are all the pieces set up in the gallery (photos courtesy of WWA Gallery)...

And here are a few photos from opening night (courtesy of WWA Gallery, my mom, and my cousin Chrissy)...

**In other news, I've got an interview in the art/design magazine Domestic Etch, which you can preview and purchase by clicking here. Thanks to Domestic Etch and Elizabeth Goodspeed for the interview!

**In other-other news, I'm participating in the "I Want My Music Video" art show taking place at Meltdown Gallery (in the awesome Meltdown Comics shop in Hollywood) and opening Oct. 7th. It's curated by music video director Chris Marrs Piliero and artist Dave MacDowell and showcases artwork inspired by various music videos. I'll be showing a signed and framed print of my Sufjan Stevens illustration, which is no longer available in my print store.

**Also, I forgot to post this a long time ago, but Pat put up pictures of his contributions for the next round of our on-going collaborations. Check them out here (along with the previous round) on our shared Society6 page:
Or just look here:

I have the next round of the collaboration, so it's my fault for the lack of updates. I was crazy busy working on my show, but I'm hoping to finish the next round in the next couple of weeks. Cross your fingers!

**I've got other projects in the works too, so keep an eye out in the coming weeks for some new stuff!

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