Monday, March 21, 2011

Farewell, LA-LA Land

Why, hello friends! Just a little update on things:
Due to changes at LA Weekly, the section in which my "LA-LA Land" column appeared is (indefinitely) no longer. I'm sad to see it go, but I'm really glad I got to share the spot with some of the coolest and most talented illustrators I know, including my good friend Cooper and other amazingly talented artists like Ken Garduno and Mike Bertino.
I had a fantastic time coming up with illustrations for the column; I ended up with a pretty big series of work about the strange and amazing characters and landmarks that make up Los Angeles, and I hope I did my city proud. This week also marks Assistant Art Director Jason Jones' last at the Weekly. It was wonderful working under his direction, and I'm really grateful for all his support. Thanks and good luck, Jason!
Before the column was canceled, I finished one last illustration for it. It looks like it won't be published any time soon (if at all), so I wanted to share it here. It's about the various characters you can find at any given time if you take public transportation. As a frequent commuter, I can tell you that you are guaranteed to spot at least four of these people on a single bus/train ride.

And there are a lot more types. Maybe I should do an on-going series of my public transportation adventures? I've already delved into this territory before (on my alterna-blog, sugarboner, here).

In other news, I've been sketching out ideas for my solo show at WWA Gallery later this year, and I'm really anxious and excited to start fleshing things out. I'll be sharing the gallery space with the incredibly talented Jeni Yang, who's working on her own show. The shows aren't until September, but I'll keep you updated on any new developments. Get excited!


twchrist said...

you brought smiles and sparkles to peoples eyes with your art. sorry to see this section go, but you will keep making art!

Sunny said...

the illustrations you did for that column are all wonderful~! sad to read about the "farewell" part.

Congrats on the solo show! Can't wait to see it in person!:)

lostsailors said...

It's too bad that column is no more! I love the public transit illustration, I haven't ever used it in Los Angeles because this city is so spread out! It reminds me of Chicago though, where I was a hybrid of "headphones" and "too many things" for sure!

Jules said...

Thanks guys!