Thursday, November 4, 2010

Soul Pancake

Hey guys! As you may have noticed from the video above, my painting "Space" is part of the SoulPancake book, which is out now. What is SoulPancake, you ask? Well, why don't I let this little blurb from the website tell you:
SoulPancake is more of a mission than a Web site. It's a MOVEMENT to wrestle with and chew on LIFE'S BIG QUESTIONS. It's a way to EXPLORE why we believe the things that we believe. It's a place for you to TALK about your soul and the existence of God. It's a space to ENGAGE in art, philosophy, creativity, truth, and beauty. And ultimately, SoulPancake is a community of people who are digging DEEPER to figure out what it means to be human and to experience this rich, strange, difficult, and awesome journey called life.
Actor Rainn Wilson co-created this site with two of his friends, Joshua Homnick and Devon Gundry. SoulPancake sprang out of their desire to create a space where people from all walks of life could discuss and question what it means to be human—a place to wrestle with the spiritual, philosophical, and creative journey that is life.
The book is co-authored by Rainn Wilson, Devon Gundry, Golriz Lucina, and Shabnam Mogharabi. Every page is thought-provoking, and the book features a whole lot of art! Check it out for yourself!
Thanks to Golriz for asking me to contribute a piece to such a fun book.


golriz lucina said...

We're so glad you're a part of our beautiful book! Your art is amazing.

Alessandro Echevarria said...

whoa that's so cool!
I'm super excited for you!

Jules said...


nlombardo said...

awesome! much respect for you and Rainn Wilson

Jules said...

Thanks Nick!