Monday, October 4, 2010


Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to be a part of Manifest Equality, a show that aimed to bring more attention to the issue of LGBT rights. Now the TaskForce crew responsible for that show is at it again, this time tackling the issue of public education and the need for reform with RE:FORM SCHOOL.

They've been putting up interviews of the artists (with school/childhood photos!) on their website over the past couple of weeks. You can read mine HERE.

Here's the sketch and the final piece for the show:

"Tabula Rasa"
Mixed media on paper mounted on wood
16" x 20"

The show is open to the public on October 9th to the 11th, so if you're in New York, check out my little chalkboard boy in person, as well as the work from the amazing line-up of artists. Proceeds from the show will be donated to the URBAN ARTS PARTNERSHIP, which brings art to underserved public school students across NYC. So buy some art and support a good cause!


lostsailors said...

This is such a wonderful cause. I went to public school all growing up and I can safely say I don't think I could survive the same system in its current form. It makes me so sad and worried for young kids today.

I'm not in NYC, but I know a billion people there, so I'll spread the word!

Jules said...

Yes, please do!

Giselle said...

amazing cause! and amazing piece! =)

Jules said...


jazzlamb said...

Gorgeous! The symbolism is very hard hitting/ impactful. Love the way you work the paint.