Friday, October 8, 2010

The Horror! The Horror!

Enough with the teasing. Here's my piece for WWA Gallery's Horrorwood show, which opens October 15th from 7pm-10pm.
The show pays homage to the horror movie genre; my piece is inspired by the beautiful Swedish vampire film "Let the Right One In."

"Blood Bond"
Ink, acrylic, and gouache on paper mounted on wood
18" x 24"

Here's the sketch and a close-up shot, so you can see all the lines and textures:

Because the piece is relatively simple and has a lot of empty space above the figures, I wanted to play around with different textures, so it's a little more rewarding to get up close to it.
As for the scene, from far away I wanted it to look like the typical vampire neck-biting scene you'd see in any vampire movie, but if you get up close (and especially if you've seen the movie), you realize it's just a tender embrace between main characters Oskar and Eli.
Eli ended up looking much more sinister than I originally intended, probably because the creepy eyes, which were inspired by the really quick shot in the movie where she's standing in the dark and her eyes are reflective like a cat's eyes.

ANYWAY, I hope you enjoy the piece, because I had fun making it. Also, if you haven't seen the movie, what are you sitting around reading this blog for???

Hope you can make it to the show. For your convenience, HERE is the facebook event page. See you there!


MJC *-* said...

Hey, i really like the creepy illustration. It's cool what you did with the eyes. Because that's the first thing you look at, although the background is full of white spots. Well done!

Nimit Malavia said...

WOW! Awesome piece Jules!!
One of my favourite films, not just vampire related one, and you totally did it justice!

Jules said...

Thanks guys!
Nimit, I'm glad you think so! It's one of my favorites as well.

The Stapelia Company said...

Eww. Creepy. I love how her eyes glow like a cat or a wolf when you shine a light on them in the dark. Wonderful. Great movie as well. :)

lostsailors said...

This is really breath-taking! It has that same quiet quality of the film. I totally forgot about that part where her eyes reflect- but I really like it here. It's like you were walking along and startled the little vampire and she looked up. Capturing this quick moment.

Anthony Young said...

Julian, this is great! I love this movie!

Jules said...

Thanks! I love the movie too, so this was definitely fun to make.

s. said...

i'm in love wiht your paintings, i really enjoy them. :)

iFRUITS said...

Without even reading it was inspired by "Let the right one in" I was like; oh. This has to be based on that movie or something. I love it! The style makes it look more innocent somehow.

jonathan cooper said...

What a beautiful piece based on one of the best films i've seen in years. Thanks Jules

P.S If anyone's intrested in reading an interview we did with Julian, you can do so here:

amalamucho said...

is it possible to buy a print of this from you? please say yes

Jules said...

Thanks everybody!

amalamucho: I'm planning on releasing this as a print some time this year. I was thinking some time around Halloween, but maybe much sooner. Either way, keep an eye out!