Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Along the shores of LA-LA Land

I've got a new illustration for my "LA-LA Land" column in this week's LA Weekly (out Thursday). Here are sketches, followed by the final piece:

The first idea was simply a young lady sun-tanning, with her towel serving to frame the piece. The second idea featured a monster made of garbage emerging from the shores of Santa Monica (anyone who's been there knows how dirty it can get).
Finally, this last sketch is supposed to be like a B-movie poster poking fun at hipsters.

The second sketch was chosen, so I came up with this:

"It Came from Santa Monica"
Ink, acrylic, and gouache on paper
12.5" x 7.5"
[ADs: Darrick Rainey and Jason Jones]

Thanks Darrick and Jason!
Be sure to pick up the issue when it's out this Thursday!


twchrist said...

good golly, this is what we have come to!

Anthony Young said...

Looks great Julian!!

Jules said...


lostsailors said...

EL OH EL! God, if that monster one isn't the truth.