Monday, March 1, 2010

Manifest Equality Show

Here's my piece for the Manifest Equality show, which opens this Wednesday, the third, and is up until this Sunday night. You can find more info about the show here:

Ink, acrylic, and gouache on paper mounted on wood
18" x 24"

It's kind of a companion to my piece "Adrift" (which you can see here), but has the opposite mood. While "Adrift" was about loneliness and heartache, "Afloat" is about companionship and hopefulness.

I'm really glad I get to take part in this show, so I hope you can make it and show your support for the LGBT community and equality for all!

[Edit: Apparently the opening and closing receptions are invite-only. Sorry for the mix-up! You can find out when the gallery is open to the public on the Manifest Equality site (linked above)]


Hertz alegrio said...

I love how they've been liberated from the anchors of hopelessness and loneliness by what i presume is love.

lostsailors said...

This is so beautiful. I hope I can make it down to see the show in person.

andrewlong said...

Beautiful, as usual. Hope to come to the show Sunday.

Jules said...

Thanks so much guys. I hope you can make it to the show too!

Andrew, I posted that the closing night party is on Sunday, when actually it's on Saturday. Oops! Hopefully you can still make it (the gallery is still open on Sunday, but from 10am-6pm).

andrewlong said...
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Alessandro Echevarria said...

I don't know which is better between the adrift one and this, though this one is pretty f-in rad

dalva said...

ooooo i love these last two- leg hair! upside down-ness! amazing, lovely. i also like that even though they are for completely different shows, you have managed to make a great series for the past while. go julian!

andrewlong said...

Note: closing party is invite only =(

When is your next show? (in Los Angeles)

Jules said...

Thanks guys! <3

Andrew: Yeah, I just found that out too. Sorry for the mix-up! I've gotten a bunch of different emails with various times and dates, so I was really confused about when the show was open to everyone and when it was invite-only.

I'll be showing a few pieces in the project room at WWA Gallery in May. I'll keep you updated!

andrewlong said...

Cool! Looking forward to the May event.

the Otherist said...

prints! please? :D