Friday, January 15, 2010

Candy Land

The LA Vida section of the latest LA Weekly features another one of my "LA-LA Land" illustrations. First, sketches:

The first idea was two late-night party-goers enjoying some street food while still a little buzzed. The second was a bunch of palm trees decorated with Christmas lights (I thought the illustration would be printed the week of Christmas). Last but not least is the chosen idea.


"Red Queen"
Ink and acrylic on paper
12.5" x 7.5"

[ADs: Jason Jones and Darrick Rainey]

I wanted it to look like (and poke fun at) the escort ads you can find in the back of LA Weekly and other free weeklies. I'm glad they let me do it, because I liked the idea and had a feeling it would be really fun to work on (it was!). You can pick up the issue now, if you're so inclined...


lostsailors said...

Ah, I am the girl who emailed you a few days ago. Finally got the RSS Feed going. These are great! I love the lines and weight of the characters, especially in the little sketchy ones.

WITH A P! said...

Julian. Your work is inspiring always.
Your synthesis of line and shape & graphic and illustration is beautiful.

Jules said...

Mike! Thanks so much. I could say the same for you!

inside the tunnels said...

Love this style and process! amazing work, and a very unique, refreshing style!!! the transformation is controlled and aware, looks like a lot of thinking and work!