Friday, May 15, 2009

All Natural

Yay! I've finally graduated from Otis! It's been a challenging and inspiring four years, and the senior show was an excellent finale to it all. Thanks to everyone who made it.

Below are the main pieces featured in my senior show. First, here's my little blurb about them:

"My senior project explores the many different nature symbols that people from cultures all over the world used to represent universal themes such as death, power, and wisdom. I was interested to discover just how important a role nature played in the mythologies, folklores, and traditions of these various cultures. As I researched the symbols I was fascinated by how the seemingly arbitrary plants and animals came to be associated with certain ideas in always interesting and sometimes surprising ways."

Photo by Travis

"Life, or a Husk of Hares"
14" x 22"

"Death, or a Murder of Crows"
14" x 22"

"Harmony, or a Charm of Hummingbirds"
24" x 10"

"Discord, or a Pack of Wolves"
24" x 10"

"Power, or a Pride of Lions"
16" x 16"

"Trickery, or a Skulk of Foxes"
12" x 16"

"Wisdom, or a Parliament of Owls"
20" x 8"

All pieces are framed and were done in ink and acrylic on paper (with deckled edges). They're going to be part of a ten-person show in June at Gallery 1988 SF. Can't wait!

Also, check out the little sculpture I made in Daniel Lim's experiment illustration class. Ain't he cute?
[Photos by Sarah, Chan, and Jensen of Gallery1988, respectively]


Friday, May 8, 2009