Sunday, December 13, 2009


I was invited to be part of the LOST Underground Art Project, a show at Gallery 1988 L.A. celebrating LOST. It's probably my favorite tv show, so I was really excited when I was asked to participate.

Here's my piece:

"No Man Is an Island"
Ink and acrylic on paper
10.75" across

This piece is in the same vein as the last painting I did, but it features one of my favorite characters on the show, Ben Linus, as well as some other references to LOST.
When I get a picture of it in its awesome octagonal frame that I found I'll post it here.

The opening is on Tuesday, December 15th from 7 - 10pm. Hope you can make it to the show! If you're a fan of LOST, you'll definitely want to check it out!


le pearl said...

I really like this <3

romina said...

This is a great theme for you, and I'm loving your style

Jules said...

Thanks guys!

patrick.klepek said...

Any chance you'll be doing a purchasable print?

Valentina Gruer said...

HA! Love the grey and the sudden bright colours!

Anonymous said...

Very talented, but honestly, all I can think when I look at your work is James Jean.