Thursday, September 17, 2009


The latest issue of LA Weekly is out today and features another illustration for my column "LA-LA Land," in the LA Vida section.
Here's the process and the final:

Thumbnail #1 was chosen, but they suggested I illustrate the photographers instead of having winged cameras...I guess it was too weird, or that it would distract from the main point of the illustration.

Here's the sketch with the photographers.

And here's the final sketch.

Last but not least, the final illustration, cropped and slightly rotated:

"Queen of Hearts"
Ink and acrylic on paper
12.5" x 7.5"
[AD: Darrick Rainey, Asst. AD: Jason Jones]

I wanted to comment on the ubiquity of the paparazzi in the lives of celebrities and how the Hollywood celebrity culture is such that even the most mundane activities attract the attention of hungry voyeurs. Oh my!


sarah soh said...

looooove the concept and the illustration :)

jawcooper said...

Beautiful colors!

Michael Chuah (a.k.a C2V) said...

nice color though! love your work~

asmany said...

i really dig your stlye man!