Friday, May 8, 2009

Unfinished Business

The Otis Senior Show is TONIGHT! Hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

James Jean's influence on your work is much too evident. Please, stop copying and trust in what YOU have to offer adn say, 'cause no one is better than the rest, only different.
All te best!

mylan said...

a response to the other comment:

dear anonymous pussy,

in case you didn't know james jean is a huge influence of many illustrators working in the field now especially those who admire figure drawing, comics, and nice line work. Many illustrators are into those things so it only makes sense that there would be similarities. But to say that Julian's work is a copy or lacks voice and style is fucking stupid. One of the things i love most about his work is how much it reflects his tastes and personality and personal ways of storytelling. so you can stop being a pussy ass hater cuz you know the work is fuckin' awesome or else why take the time to go on this blog and type shit. and your advice sounds super duchy and cliche by the way.

mylan said...

p.s. senior show was amazing and you had some of the most amazing work there julian!!!