Friday, May 15, 2009

All Natural

Yay! I've finally graduated from Otis! It's been a challenging and inspiring four years, and the senior show was an excellent finale to it all. Thanks to everyone who made it.

Below are the main pieces featured in my senior show. First, here's my little blurb about them:

"My senior project explores the many different nature symbols that people from cultures all over the world used to represent universal themes such as death, power, and wisdom. I was interested to discover just how important a role nature played in the mythologies, folklores, and traditions of these various cultures. As I researched the symbols I was fascinated by how the seemingly arbitrary plants and animals came to be associated with certain ideas in always interesting and sometimes surprising ways."

Photo by Travis

"Life, or a Husk of Hares"
14" x 22"

"Death, or a Murder of Crows"
14" x 22"

"Harmony, or a Charm of Hummingbirds"
24" x 10"

"Discord, or a Pack of Wolves"
24" x 10"

"Power, or a Pride of Lions"
16" x 16"

"Trickery, or a Skulk of Foxes"
12" x 16"

"Wisdom, or a Parliament of Owls"
20" x 8"

All pieces are framed and were done in ink and acrylic on paper (with deckled edges). They're going to be part of a ten-person show in June at Gallery 1988 SF. Can't wait!

Also, check out the little sculpture I made in Daniel Lim's experiment illustration class. Ain't he cute?
[Photos by Sarah, Chan, and Jensen of Gallery1988, respectively]



Yeon Whan Yoon said...

Awesome Work!

Always an inspiration.


jawcooper said...

A M A Z I N G. You're my hero Jules!

Anonymous said...

james jean anyone?

thistly said...

Yikes, the James Jean influence is a little over the top. Nonetheless amazingly executed, gorgeous artworks and I hope the artist takes this skill and beautiful illustrative style in his own direction, and soon - now that he's graduated such similarities won't be so easily forgiven by the art community.

Jamie said...

James Jean? I don't see it. Jules' style seems more rooted in comic art. I like!

wefflet said...

followed this thru notcot, only because of the james jean OD. wow.

besides that, nice work

Inma S said...

Beautiful!! I know you illustration because y saw the children book, but I don't remember the name... it´s the same, is it??

jazzlamb said...

How do you manage to make ultra haute illustrations one after the other after the other???
The line work and coloring is worth killing for! FUCKING AWESOME!
I'm drooling and turning neon green with envy. sigh.
*jaw drops*

Anonymous said...

james jean down to the frames.

Kaveri-on-the-moon said...

I love the one with the crows,its stunning for execution,concept and of course the way youve composed it.Its like a ulta-pulta take on Old lady and the pigeons(french, animation).

wendy said...

I'm gonna go out on a limb and defend this guy against all the James Jean accusations. It's entirely possible that Jean's style is more natural and less contrived than most think, hence existing in more than one artist. With so many artists these days, overlap is inevitable. It tends to be that within a particular aesthetic and quality, only one or a few people achieve notable fame due to politics and some luck. For the people who weren't lucky enough, it's like getting a thesis scooped. But should they abandon the style they've spent so long to independantly develop?

Anyway, my eyes are loving these drawings.

Anonymous said...

Compare -Life or Husk of Hares to the central figure in James Jean's piece called Haaz. What do you think?You can see it here-you might have to cut and paste:

Jules said...

Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to comment.

As for the James Jean accusations, let me just say that in no way am I consciously trying to imitate James. Sure, he has been a big influence for me and many illustrators today, but I AM consciously trying to veer away from being so heavily influenced by him.
Being compared to him with each of these pieces that I worked hard on and put a lot of thought into (not only in terms of execution, but in research as well) is quite disheartening. These pieces arose during a time when I was trying to find my voice as an artist...indeed, I still am trying to find my voice. Admittedly, the James Jean influence is a bit heavy in these pieces, but like I said...I'm still trying to develop my own distinct style.
The aesthetics may be similar, but if you look deep enough into these pieces, and in my other work, you'll see the amount of thought and effort I put into everything I do and hopefully see my other influences, like comics and cartoons, with my own twist on them.
Stay with me as my art continues to evolve; hopefully the accusations will subside and you'll see the unique qualities of my work.