Saturday, November 8, 2008

Phantom Menagerie pieces

So Phantom Menagerie is tonight. Be there or be square!
Here are the pieces I made for the show:

"Fall of the Forest King"
Ink and acrylic on 12" x 12" paper

Screenprint and acrylic on 16" x 28" paper

[sorry for the poor-quality pictures]
These are prints that I made, inspired by the band Beirut. I touched each one up with some acrylic color; the hummingbirds in all of the prints are hand-painted, and four of the prints are fully-colored like in the top picture.

Also in the show is my "The Elephant in the Room" piece, which was also shown in The Circus Show (but didn't sell).

Hope to see you tonight!

1 comment:

tunaf1sh said...

I REALLY like the guy playing the trumpet... it's very very Jules.
keep up the awesomeness!