Friday, October 10, 2008

Concept Art Attack!

Character redesigns! In the top half of the page (and a little bit of the middle of the page) are sketches of Lord of the Rings characters re-imagined as hippies (with the villains representing "The MAN"). I thought it was pretty funny, but because the characters are pretty hippie-like in the first place, I tried to do something a little more radical; in the rest of the page are sketches for characters of a post-apocalyptic Oz. I focused on the Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, and flying monkeys.

Here's the final composed piece:

"Wizard of Odd"
Ink on illustration board

These are sketches inspired by my astrological sign, Cancer. Some of the things associated with Cancer are the crab, water, rubies, and pearls. I went all over the place -- there are hermit people wearing over-sized hermit crab shells as hats, circus freaks with claw-like hands, nautical-themed pin-up girls (so fun to do!), cyborgs, and a giant mechanical crab vehicle that scavenges for pearls and other treasures under the sea.

Here's the final composition:

Ink on 10" x 15" illustration board

The "final" pieces could use a bit of touching up in terms of value and lighting, so if I change them I'll post the new images.

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