Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sketch for the big summer painting

Here's my sketch for the big painting I'm working on for our summer painting workshop. The theme is "dreams" and my concept is that the mind is like a camera viewing the world through its lense, and dreams are what develop.

Here it is transferred onto my board. Usually my paintings are small, around 9" x 12", but this one is four times as big as I'm used to. Still, I'm really excited to get this one going.


joshua wysocki said...

i love the polaroid camera being used! this piece got me motivated to doodle today!

cant wait to see this finished!

Justin Beef said...

how did you transfer it to board?

Jules said...

Joshua, that's awesome!

Justin, I used a projector to project my sketch.

tfortoys said...

love here!