Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mini Group Show Art

"Too Late"
Pen and ink on paper

This comic is a part of a larger collection of comics from JT's class. All of the comics are connected by the first and last things said in each comic. For example, "Can't you tell" was the last thing said in the previous comic and the first thing said in mine, and "Things aren't like they were before" is the last thing said in my comic and the first thing said in the next comic.

"PiƱata Head"
Pen & ink and watercolor on illustration board.

"The Lion" and "The Unicorn"
Pen & ink and watercolor on paper.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mini Group Show!

Here are pictures from the magical 6th floor wall the week Thomas, Zach, and I were up. Magic!

All the post-its you see were drawn on by different people. I wanted to include something interactive, so I drew a figure on a dry erase board and stuck a stack of post-its where the head and hands should go. There were a lot of really cool and interesting things that people came up with...And of course there was the inevitable penis drawing (actually, there were several).

Anyway, it was a good show! It was great being up there with Thomas and could tell our work apart, but they really worked well together.

I hope to do this again next semester!