Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hell (concept 1)

My first concept for the Heaven/Hell project is that Hell is a world without color.
I'm going to paint this to look like one of those old-fashioned paintings. Everything from the bottom half of the "tear" in the drawing will be in full color, and everything above will be left blank except for the skull, which will be rendered in black & white. I'm painting it on wood; the background is going to be an actual wallpaper that I'll stick to the wood. I'm going to paint the bottom half and tear off the top half so it looks like the wallpaper has worn away and the wood wall in the world of the painting is showing up.

The woman is holding a white lily, which represents purity and is apparently a common flower placed on graves. I thought since it was white your eye would be led back and forth from the flower in the bottom half to the white skull in the top half.
I chose to do it in a Victorian style because those old Victorian photographs always look so melancholy and dreary.

I can't wait to start painting this! Now I need to finish my sketch for my second 'Hell' concept...

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